Your Project, Our Process

Senopex offers one-stop thermal solutions for OEM clients. From specific features or functions customization, lens structure customization, housing design to one-stop thermal solution, Senopex handles any specific requests for your market and end-users.

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    Reliable Consultation

    Through our experienced project consultants, we obtain all pertinent and information regarding the order request. During this free consultation, we will offer you an initial reply on the feasibility of customization.

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    Critical Evaluation

    After consultation, our engineers will make a further analysis of the feasibility of your requirements. We match your custom requirements to the capabilities of our products.

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    Fast and Accurate Prototype

    Thanks to our advanced optical laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art thermal and cutting-edge optical technologies, our prototyping takes less than a month for even the most complex customizations.

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    Attractive Packaging

    For OEM clients, Senopex packages our thermal imaging products with sturdy materials that guarantee protection under extreme conditions.

    Around the packaging, we print out your logo that can be customized for brand recognition within your audience and result in increased sales.

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    Timely Delivery

    Our fast delivery allows you to meet deadlines and restock easily. Collaborate with us for a scheduled delivery of large volume orders.

  • Reliable Consultation
  • Critical Evaluation
  • Fast and Accurate Prototype
  • Attractive Packaging
  • Timely Delivery

Customizable from All Aspects

Select from a variety of hardware and software customizations to aid in hunting and law enforcement applications while providing clear and crisp images.

  • Additional Functions 

    Features or functions can be edited or customized to our thermal imaging products for your applications.
  • Lens Customization 

    We offer a wide range of lens selections including fixed focus lens, continuous zooming lens and athermal lens to fit the applications from observation, detection to aiming.
  • Added Reticles 

    Our 4 types of reticle patterns are fit for both hunting and military applications. Comes with a one bullet zero-in system for higher accuracy.
  • Accessories 

    We design and provide full range of quality accessories based on your product and applications.
  • Logo Printing 

    Increase your brand recognition with a custom-made logo embedded neatly on the surface of our thermal imaging products. (Service for OEM clients)

Creating One-stop Solutions For Every Challenge