DOT A Series Thermal Scope

Target Enhancement Thermal

Target enhancement algorithm to highlight targets within the field of view. Ideal for quick-detecting animals without the influence of other objects.

Target Enhancement Thermal large scaled

Multiple Gain Modes For All Weather Conditions

'Detail' mode: Design for boosting the overall image quality and bringing the image details to the next level of clarity.

Detail Mode Image

'Assassin' mode: Design for target brightness and clarity improvement while eliminating the influence of irrelevant factors. Ideal for quick detecting and searching your hunting targets in seconds.

Assassin Mode Image

'Equator' mode: Design for identifying hot targets in the background of hot surfaces. Ideal for detecting multiple high-temperature objects in hot weather. The Equator mode is extremely useful when the ground temperature is higher than the targets you are observing.

Equator Mode Image 1

12-Micron Technology

Cutting-edge 12μm thermal technology to realize <35MK NETD for sharp and detailed imagery. Use it for all weather conditions with confidence.

Large Aperture F1.0 Germanium Lens

All Senopex thermal scopes are built with F1.0 aperture for the best result of transmissivity and overall optical system sensitivity.

14 Hours Battery Life

Industry leading 14 hours battery life to secure your hunting journey throughout the night.

Military Standard 0.5Inch HD OLED

High resolution military standard OLED display designed for sharp imagery and extreme weather conditions with temperature range from -40℃ to +60℃.

Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy Housing

Hard-anodized aluminum alloy housing without any plastic parts to ensure the best endurability.

Genuine IP67 Protection Level

Genuine IP67 protection level with proved tests and certificate. The unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour.

1200G Recoil Rated

To withstand more than 1200G recoil to be the best shock-resistant thermal scope in the market.

Unparalleled Detection Range

Large aperture lens, high basic magnification and cutting-edge thermal imaging algorithm ensure the unparalleled detection range of 3600m (75mm lens model)

The Edge Mode

To protect your night vision during times of total darkness. The Edge mode only outlines a fraction of the light of a warm object that shows up in white to reduce night blindness from the screen. Edge Detect Mode enables users to stay on target for longer periods of time with less eye fatigue and visible profile.

Scalable Reticles

Scalable ballistic style reticles are present in both the main screen of display and picture-in-picture mode. Aiming and shooting could be easy as a day scope.

Picture in Picture

PIP allows you to see targets on the top center of the screen, so you can keep an eye on what you’re aiming for with digital magnification.

32G Built-in Memory Card

Built-in 32G memory card provides enough space for taking photos and videos with HD resolution.

More Features


DOT A Series Thermal Scope






Detector Type

Uncooled microbolometer

Detector Resolution




Pixel Pitch






Spectral Range


Frame Rate



Objective Lens

35mm F1.0 

50mm F1.0

75mm F1.0











OLED 1024*768




Up to 7 Reticles (including no reticle)

Digital Zoom

X2 X4 X6 X8


Targets Brightness

Hot Spot Tracking


Detection Range




Shock Resistant




Two 18650 rechargeable batteries (customizable for low temp.)

Working Time

≤14 hours


Photo Format


Video Format




Memory Card

32GB built-in


Working Temp.

-40°C ~ +60°C

Storage Temp.

-45°C ~ +65°C














Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ‘target enhancement algorithm’?

    The target enhancement algorithm optimizes the highlighted target by increasing the targets' overall clarity, details, and brightness. It helps users see targets while eliminating other irrelevant factors by focusing more on the targets themselves. The algorithm is ideal for quick detecting and hunting animals that hiding in camouflage.

  • What do you mean by NETD?

    The NETD is the quantitative description of how well a thermal device distinguishes temperature differences. It is expressed in mK (milliKelvin). A lower value indicates higher sensitivity, as the device can distinguish smaller temperature differences. The typical value of FPA sensitivity is 40-50mK, while the DOT series offer <35mk (<25mk for the S series) ultra-sensitive core to ensure the best image quality.

  • Does your scope support large-caliber rifles?

    Yes, definitely. The Dot can endure 1200G recoil energy. It supports large caliber rifles such as .338 Lapua Magnum, .50, and equivalent.

  • How is the imagery of your scope?

    Senopex never stops chasing the best level of image quality. Technically, the thermal image quality depends on hardware and software quality, including the thermal detector, the screen of the display, processor, and thermal algorithm. Using the best quality thermal detector designed with our patent algorithm, all Senopex products could achieve industry-leading level thermal sensitivity, sharpest and highest clarity of the image. We also provide optimal imagery modes for different environments or scenarios. Please check out our videos and photos of various targets for quick reference.

  • What is the detection range of your product?

    According to Johnson's criteria, 'detect' means 'if an object is present or not.' So, the detection range depends on what specific target you are observing. For thermal imager, with the same size of the lens, the smaller pixel pitch of the thermal detector, the longer distance you could detect. Taking a human-size target as an example, the detection range of our 12-micron and 75mm lens model could reach as far as around 3600m.

    Likewise, 'recognition' is defined as 'being able to see what type of object it is.' It means being able to make the distinction between a person, a car, a truck, or any other object. With our 12-micron and 75mm lens model, the recognition range could reach as far as around 1200m.

    For the detection range of all models, please refer to our specification sheet for more details.

  • What is ‘military standard’ by your definition? Are you selling a military model to the hunting market?

    We are not selling a military model to the hunting market. We design, build, assembly and test our products to military-equivalent standard to ensure the best reliability and quality when it comes to recoil resistant level (1200G), protection level (IP67), battery life (14 hours), shooting accuracy consistency, and product lifespan (more than ten years).

  • Why do I need a military equivalent standard thermal scope for hunting?

    • Design, build, assemble, and test our products to military equivalent standards with the highest reliability and quality. The longer product lifespan of more than ten years makes it the most cost-effective thermal scope in the market.

    • Advanced algorithm and hardware, which means you could have an exceptional image quality scope even better than military models.

    • Unlike an actual military model, significant features are added for hunters. For example, high optical magnifications, multiple shooting modes (details, equator, edge, assassin), scalable reticles to be used as a day scope, high-resolution exportable images & videos, etc.

  • Everyone is saying their device is IP67, what is the difference of yours? /What is the protection level of your device?

    When we say our scope is IP67, it means. By definition, IP67 means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour. Easy and simple, please check the video attached on YouTube. It is a 30-minute video without editing, and here is how we prove our waterproof level than everyone else.

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